First few days in the field…

3HW8, May 31, 2011. It's been pretty hot these days in WNC, so we were thrilled when our landlords offered to lend us their pop up canopy. Thanks Linda and Tony!

Slowly but surely, fieldwork is getting underway Garden Creek. Ashley and I have spent the first few days re-investigating a circular magnetic anomaly and cluster of fire-cracked rock that we first identified this past winter. On the negative side, it increasingly looks as if the feature was formed by natural (instead of man-made) processes — maybe a tree burning in place. But, on the plus side, we now will be able to recognize this sort of feature more readily on the basis on magnetometer readings alone.

Ashley, manning our brand new tripod screen. We built a pair of these last weekend, roughly following the advice of Dr. Dan Pugh and throughly assisted by my dad's assemblage of and expertise with power tools.

Tomorrow we hope to borrow a total station from the Warren Wilson archaeological crew that is working at the late prehistoric Berry and Catawba Meadows sites in Morganton. This machine will allow us to precisely map the next several units that we will excavate, directly over other magnetic anomalies. We will be joined in this effort by Erika Loveland, a University of Michigan undergraduate student. We look forward to having her on the project, and to having more to report soon!

About Alice Wright

Alice is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Appalachian State University. She tweets about archaeology, Appalachia, and cats @alicepwright.
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