Unit 3 – “The Jaguar Feature”

Ongoing excavation: a corner of the burned feature, showing charcoal and burned daub.

After spending all day excavating “The Jaguar”, I decided it was time that someone besides Alice write a blog post, since she’s busy being an awesome boss!  Today I was assigned to excavate the feature we identified in Unit 3, which looked like part of a pit or burned surface and spanned at least two  1×1 m squares.  This feature contains A TON of burned charcoal and daub (fired pieces of clay), almost giving it the appearance of a jaguar (hence the nickname).  These may be the remains of a small structure that was burned at some point in the past; the black charcoal and orange daub  seen in the picture above  is what is left today.  Our suspicions that they represent structural remains was supported by the appearance of several burned post holes surrounding the burned area. Exciting!  Unfortunately, I dug and dug all day, but never reached the bottom of the feature.  Hopefully tomorrow will give us a better idea of the depth and breadth of this prehistoric structure, allowing fearless excavators such as ourselves to interpret what Garden Creek inhabitants used it for.  Given the size, it is likely not a habitation structure, but it may have served a more specialized purpose.

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