Removing the Plowzone: Units 4 & 5

(By Erika, University of Michigan anthropology major)

Unit 4, Base of plowzone.

Throughout the week, Ashley, Jordan, and special guest Lydia Pierce (University of Tennessee) worked on removing the plowzone in Unit 4.  Rather than targeting vertical deposits in one or two 1 x 1 m squares, they decided to open a larger horizontal area. By the end of the week, they had opened  7 square meters, and we returned Saturday morning to open one more. This unit was placed over a magnetic anomaly that might be a midden, based on the variety and quantity of artifacts coming from the plowzone. Next week, we’ll excavate the unit further to figure it out.

Working in Unit 5 -- so far, it's the closest one to Mound No. 2 that we've opened.

Meanwhile, I’ll begin next week in Unit 5, which is located between Unit 3 and 4, but a little to the west.  As of right now, I have only opened  2 square meters and have removed the plowzone, but it looks promising due to the amount of pot sherds and flakes that have turned up.

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