Broken Blade

To respond to a comment on the last post — yes, we have found a few flakes of semi-translucent, pink tinged Ohio flint during our excavation of Feature 1. Today, we actually found part of a blade made on this material. Artifacts like this have traditionally be interpreted as indicators of interaction with Hopewellian groups in the midwest.

Pink chert blade fragment from Feature 1.

In addition to finding some exciting artifacts, we welcomed Shaun and Dylan Lynch to the project today. They were a big help as we excavated Unit 4, and what we’ve been calling a midden. Interestingly, however, today we identified a line of large postholes on the east margin of this feature, which may eventually affect our interpretation of its function.

About Alice Wright

Alice is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Appalachian State University. She tweets about archaeology, Appalachia, and cats @alicepwright.
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