Fifteen square meters of features

Monday morning wall cleaning with Jess (left), Alice (middle), and Sophia (right).

For the last few days, the weather held and our energy was high, and we were able to expose the top of the earthwork ditch across a 5×3 meter unit.

Top of the ditch at the base of the plowzone in Unit 8.

We’re really excited about what we found under the plowzone. As seen in the photo below, the top of the ditch extends from the southwest corner toward the center of the north wall. There is also an intriguing stain extending from the center of the west wall; this looks a lot like the tops of other pits we’ve encountered this season. In the upcoming week, we’ll be excavating these features and some nearby postholes, so we should have more to report soon.

About Alice Wright

Alice is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Appalachian State University. She tweets about archaeology, Appalachia, and cats @alicepwright.
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