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First Week Back – GCAP 2012

Thanks to a stretch of terrific late winter weather, we were able to accomplish quite a bit in our first week back at Garden Creek. This final phase of fieldwork includes both geophysical survey and excavation, in order to cover … Continue reading

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Making maps

Thoroughly settled into the chilly winter term, I am starting to digitize some of the excavation maps we drew in the field. Of course, we took hundreds and hundreds of photos to document what we were digging, but as we … Continue reading

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A student’s take on GCAP

(Today’s blog post comes direct from Sophia Reini, a University of Michigan undergraduate enjoying her first foray into the field…) Thus far my experience on the Garden Creek Archaeological Project has been intellectually stimulating and tremendously enjoyable. Up until this … Continue reading

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Potsherds, Pits, and Profiles

Despite a torrential downpour, the second half of our sixth week in the field was a whirlwind of productive activity. Most of the crew worked to expand the trench through the possible earthwork feature, while Shaun and I continued to … Continue reading

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Units to come

This June, I am ¬†fortunate to be working with an excellent crew. These hardworking archaeologists agreed to wake up early on a Saturday to locate the next set of units we plan to excavate. We used a total station to … Continue reading

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