2011 Crew

Alice Wright, Project Director

Alice (BA, Wake Forest University) is working toward her PhD at the University of Michigan. She has worked on archaeological projects in Portugal, Romania, Peru, Michigan, Tennessee, and, of course, North Carolina. Besides fieldwork, she enjoys working on her family’s hops farm in Madison County, NC, listening to blue grass music, and relaxing with her boyfriend and cats, Pisgah and Little Dude.

Ashley Schubert, Crew Chief

Ashley is a PhD pre-candidate at the University of Michigan. She’s been doing archaeology with Alice for almost a decade, since they were undergraduates together at Wake Forest University. Having worked in Michigan, New Mexico, and Illinois, she is now settling down to study the Pisgah phase in the Appalachian Summit for her dissertation.H


Jess Beck, Crew Chief

Jess is a PhD pre-candidate at the University of Michigan. A world traveler, she specializes in human osteology and the European Neolithic. We are very excited to have Jess with us this summer in North Carolina, not least because she is an excellent baker as well as an excellent excavator! Jess participated in our test excavations at Garden Creek in March, and joined us again in August.

Shaun Lynch, Graduate Student

Shaun just finished his first year in the graduate program at Michigan. Proudly hailing from New Jersey, his research interests are currently oriented toward the Southeastern U.S.  After working with Warren Wilson College archaeologists at the Berry Site in Morganton in June, he joined us at Garden Creek in July with his brother, Dylan.


Christina Perry Sampson, Graduate Student 

Christina also just finished her first year at Michigan. By the time she arrives at Garden Creek in July, she’ll have a considerable amount of field work in the Southeast under her belt; she’s worked at sites like  St. Katherine’s Island (Georgia), Catawba Meadows (North Carolina),  and Crystal River (Florida). In addition to this excavation experience, Christina has also studied ceremonial architecture in the American Southwest.



Undergraduate Students:

Erika Loveland

Erika is a senior at the University of Michigan, and we were delighted to have her on the crew in June and July. The excavation experience she gained at Poplar Forest, one of Thomas Jefferson’s properties, was be a huge help as we got underway at Garden Creek. Back in the lab, Erika is now analyzing the lithic assemblage from the 2011 season.

Dylan Lynch

Dylan just finished his freshman year at the College of New Jersey, and his first archaeological project at the Berry Site in Morganton, NC. Though he’ll only be at Garden Creek for a couple of weeks, we’re glad to has someone of with this much enthusiasm on the project.

Claire Talbert

Claire is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, worked with us from late June to late July, and was a particularly great asset in our excavations of the Unit 4 midden and various postholes across the site. These days, she is helping me to analyze ceramics in the lab as she pursues an internship in museum studies.


Sophia Reini

Sophia also a sophomore at the University of Michigan. She spent three weeks at the Garden Creek site, during which she honed her excavation and mapping skills in the challenging but exciting earthwork ditch. She plans to return to Garden Creek in 2012, after which she hopes to do more fieldwork in Rome, Italy, and Oaxaca, Mexico.

Alicia Michalski

Alicia just graduated from the University of Michigan this summer, with a degree in anthropology concentrated in archaeology. She helped us in August, which involved not only intense final excavations and backfilling, but also considerable involvement with our public archaeology day.


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